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Merrill Aldrich

Must survive ... one more ... day of PASS summit

OK kids, I am tired. Spanked. Tapped. Fried. So much pure, I.V. delivered Awesome(R) in one week, and I am getting too old to absorb it all.

Again all the Uber-Bloggers (you know who you are) have reported the play-by-play from the Summit, but still I have to shout out to a few good people from today:

Dave Fackler's session on real-world SSIS was indeed great - stories about developing a real, working, geographically dispersed, complex ETL process with SSIS, both good and bad. Nothing like real world scenarios to sharpen things up. I'm not sure I would do exactly what he's doing, but that's why we have a Summit, to compare notes, and it was excellent and informative.

Neat lunch with a program manager from the storage engine and a bunch of SQL CAT and Field Support guys, my apologies for not remembering all their names.

Also, here's a surprise - a session with the excellent Alex James on the new version of Entity Framework, which I think will be very, very good. Yes, you heard me correctly. I am a professional T-SQL-loving DBA and I'm putting it out there: Entity Framework is going to be a Very Good Thing (VGT(R)). Paul and Louis can beat me up in their post-conference session on DB design tomorrow. If I survive.

Published Thursday, November 05, 2009 10:23 PM by merrillaldrich
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