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Lara Rubbelke

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Women in Technology Microsoft Career Webcast: Learn More About Microsoft Services Roles

Since I joined Microsoft over 2 1/2 years ago, many of my friends and colleagues ask me how I like it and how things are going.  To be more precise, often these friends tip their heads to the side and ask with great concern “How are you doing?  Are you working all the time?”.  In many cases, I think this would be the same manner that they may have inquired on my state after a death in the family:-)  I don’t begrudge anyone for how they approach me in my choice to join Microsoft, and fully appreciate how Microsoft may be viewed from the outside – particularly since I was once on the outside and full of the misconceptions that my entire life outside of Microsoft would halt if I ever joined the organization. 

My answer to these questions is a resounding “I am doing great!” and “I am not working more than I did before.” followed by an unsolicited "Best career decision I have ever made!"  In fact, many people may not realize that I actually joined Microsoft to achieve a better balance between my work and personal life while still making a positive impact on the larger community.  I can hear many people out there scoffing and laughing, but this was my motivation and I can happily say that my family has much better balance than before I joined Microsoft! 

Now to the point of this post: Microsoft is holding a series of webcasts to promote various Microsoft technical roles in the services organization.  Anyone is welcome to attend, and we are specifically highlighting several women in our organization who are in technical roles.   There are a large number of technical roles at Microsoft, and these are but a few that may resonate with you.  I can attest that my experience with Microsoft has been fulfilling, rewarding, and I am extremely happy that I joined Microsoft.  I encourage everyone to attend and learn first-hand if one of these roles appeals to you. 

Register Today!

Latin America - April 28th

North America - April 29th

ASIA - May 24th

EMEA  - May 25th

Meet 12 Microsoft women.

Across 9 countries.

Showcasing 3 Services roles they excel at and love to do.

Learn if one of these roles is right for you.


About the Event

Meet up to 12 different women from Microsoft Services and learn how they are helping our customers succeed. We are holding four webcasts to accommodate four different time zones on the three roles below. We hope you will join the one that works best for you.

The Consultant:  Meet new customers. Help them assess their business needs. Design and deliver Microsoft technical solutions that allow them to get the maximum value for their business. Be a technical consultant. View job description.

The Technical Account Manager:  Support a Microsoft Premier customer. Deliver Microsoft technical solutions that allow them to have the best operational health possible. Be a technical liaison across Microsoft. View job description.

The Premier Field Engineer:  Active travel to reach many Enterprise customers. Provide proactive and reactive support to the most technically complex and business critical situations. Be the technical expert. View job description.

Who should attend

We are looking for women with great technical experience who have a passion for working with customers.  While our event is open to anyone interested in considering roles at Microsoft, our focus on the above three roles is targeted to those individuals with strong technical expertise, 3-5 years in the technology industry, a Computer Science/Engineering degree or equivalent experience. You must have a proven record of delivering business value to customers preferably on the Microsoft platform, technologies, and products.

REGISTER TODAY  for the webcast which best fits your region and time zone:

Published Sunday, April 18, 2010 4:20 PM by Lara Rubbelke
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