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Enjoy Another Sandwich -- Kent Tegels

Yummy slices of SQL Server between slices of .NET and XML

Recommended readings: 2008 update

In class this week, I got asked a few times about the technical books I'd recommed for fulks interested in the data space. While I've had a list up on Amazon for while, I thought I'd post an updated list here.

I'd love to hear your suggestions, too!

Business Intelligence

  • Data Analysis Using SQL and Excel: Gordon S. Linoff
  • Data Mining & Statistical Analysis Using SQL: John N. Lovett, Robert P. Trueblood
  • Data Mining and Predictive Analysis: Intelligence Gathering and Crime Analysis : Culleen McCue
  • Decision Support and Business Intelligence Systems: Efraim Turban, Jay E Aronson, Ting-Peng Liang, Ramesh Sharda
  • Foundations of SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence: Lynn Langit
  • Hitchhiker's Guide to SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services: Peter Blackburn, William R. Vaughn
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Integration Services: Kirk Haselden
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services 2005: Brian Larson
  • Mining the Web: Discovering Knowledge from Hypertext Data: Soumen Chakrabarti
  • Report Builder & Report Models in Microsoft SQL Server 2005: Gerald Schinagl
  • Text Mining: Predictive Methods for Analyzing Unstructured Information: Shulom M. Weiss, Nitin Indurkhya, Tong Zhang, Fred Damerau
  • The Rational Guide to Scripting SQL Server 2005 Integration Services: Donald Farmer

General data and programming topics

  • Beautiful Code: Leading Programmers Explain How They Think: Andy Oram, Greg Wilson
  • Code Complete: A Practical Handbook of Software Construction: Steve McConnell
  • Database in Depth: Relational Theory for Practitioners: C.J. Date
  • Joe Celko's Trees and Hierarchies in SQL for Smarties: Joe Celko
  • Learning WCF: A Hands-on Guide: Michele Bustamante
  • LINQ Pocket Reference: Joseph Albahari, Ben Albahari
  • Programming Cullective Intelligence: Building Smart Web 2.0 Applications: Toby Segaran
  • Programming Microsoft ADO.NET 2.0 Applications: Advanced Topics: Glenn Johnson
  • Querying XML, : XQuery, XPath, and SQL/XML in context: Jim Melton
  • The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master: Andrew Hunt, David Thomas
  • XQuery: Priscilla Walmsley

GIS and spatial topics

  • A to Z GIS: An Illustrated Dictionary of Geographic Information Systems: Shelly Sommer, Tasha Wade
  • Designing Geodatabases: Case Studies in GIS Data Modeling: David Arctur, Michael Zeiler
  • GIS for Web Developers: Adding 'Where' to Your Web Applications: Scott Davis
  • Measuring Up: The Business Case for GIS: Christopher Thomas, Milton Ospina
  • Modeling Our World: The ESRI Guide to Geodatabase Design: Michael Zeiler
  • The ESRI Guide to GIS Analysis: Vulume 2: Spatial Measurements and Statistics: Andy Mitchell
  • The ESRI/University of Redlands Culloquium CD Set: Karen K Kemp
  • The Geospatial Web: How Geobrowsers, Social Software and the Web 2.0 are Shaping the Network Society: Arno Scharl, Klaus Tochtermann
  • Unlocking the Census with GIS: Alan Peters, Heather MacDonald

SQL Server

  • A Developer's Guide to SQL Server 2005: Bob Beauchemin, Dan Sullivan
  • Accelerated SQL Server 2008: Rob Walters
  • Applied Microsoft Analysis Services 2005: And Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform: Teo Lachev
  • Dissecting SQL Server Execution Plans: Grant Fritchey
  • Expert SQL Server 2005 Integration Services: Brian Knight, Erik Veerman
  • Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2005: Query Tuning and Optimization: Kalen Delaney, Sunil Agarwal, Craig Freedman, Ron Talmage, Adam Machanic
  • MCITP Developer: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Database Sulutions Design: Victor Isakov
  • Pro SQL Server 2005 Service Broker: Klaus Aschenbrenner
  • Professional SQL Server 2005 XML: Scott Klein
  • SQL Server 2005 Practical Troubleshooting: The Database Engine: Ken Henderson
  • The Rational Guide to SQL Server 2005 Service Broker : Roger Wulter
Published Friday, July 25, 2008 7:05 PM by ktegels



Alex said:

Pro SQL Server 2008 Service Broker: Klaus Aschenbrenner/Remus Rusanu

August 20, 2008 8:39 AM
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Kent Tegels passed away on July 31, 2010. Kent was an Adjunct Professor at Colorado Technical University and a member of the technical staff at PluralSight. He was recognized by Microsoft with Most Valuable Professional (MVP) status in SQL Server for his community involvement with SQL Server and .NET. Kent held Microsoft Certifications in Database Administration and Systems Engineering, and contributed to several books on data access programming and .NET. He was a well known industry speaker, and resided in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
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